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Love Song for August:

I live to see you smile
And I'd follow you for miles and miles
For the love I feel keeps getting wild and wilder

Like the melting snow of a river moves slow
Then it grows and grows and grows
I can't sleep at night cause your stars burn bright 
in my head, in my heart my little fire

Cause I love you yes I do yes I do
And if you don't mind I'll shout it out loud
You make me laugh you make me cry
You make my world feel more alive
And without you days and nights mean nothing at all

For if ever you were gone the brightest star would fall and run
Cause if couldn't bear the light without your smile
Eyes would open under sleep the birds would bark the dogs would cheep
And the man in the moon would be wearing a frown

So shine your light and grow and grow
Know we love you oh so so much
And we'll sing it like the wind and always carry you home
You're the sweetness in our eyes 
you make us laugh you make us cry

You're the lovely flower that blooms not in June or July
You're the sweet soul of the tune that goes on and on
You're our own lovely August love song

Black-Strapped Molasses

The night was black-strapped Molasses
That night above Lake Placid
We were lying in the grasses searching for love

The night poured down it's magic
The moon was like a rabbit
Pulled out of some black hat from the hollow of the sky

We danced in the moonlight till it danced away
Then your eyes turned from silver to gray

I lost you in black-strapped molasses
You were gone and I longed for that rapture
We captured with no shadows
Under the black dark hollow of the night